Central Florida Spotlight Guest Artist – CHEREVERIE

Angel Lopez creates art as Chereverie. She loves everything magical and everything pink. Her passion is making people happy with her work. You’ll find her personal style, love of beautiful colors, and super-cuteness in everything she offers.

Bringing your favorite character to life in her own unique way, or creating a character that you envision, then seeing the smile on your face when you choose a piece of her work to take home with you, is what keeps her artistic drive going. Not only does she create art of her own, but she loves to support other artists and their work as well!

Angel is a recent college graduate with a computer science degree and really hopes to one day blend her computer skills and love of art to build something amazing to share with the world.

In the meantime, she’ll continue to create and share wonderful art pieces and hope that you love her work as much as she loves creating it!

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This year Chereverie created her own design based of our LUMI-CON mascot!



To contact Chereverie directly drop them a line here at