CFS Cosplay Guest – COMICCHIC19 & O-ZONE

Please welcome our Central Florida Spotlight Cosplay Guest!



LUMI-CON is proud to present our previous CFS contest winners of 2018 COMICHCHIC19 and her son O-ZONE!

Making cosplay for yourself can be quite the task! COMICCHIC19 goes above and beyond not only making herself look amazing but also creates outfits for her sidekick O-Zone proving without a doubt a family that plays together, stays together!


Solo Comicchic19 cosplay from 2002, Comicchic19 & O-Zone cosplay since 2007!

The world of anime, comics and movies has always been a way of escape for us, to become those we look up to or admire. Becoming someone that can be all those things we wish we could be or the character we identify with the most.


Cosplay has been one of the many ways my son O-Zone and I have bonded over the years. You’ll likely find us running around the Florida convention scene as a few fan favorite characters. Such as Damain wayne robin & Batgirl, Bulma & trunks, Deku & Inko Midoriya. 2017 became ComicChic19 & Family! Recently we’ve even added Kenshin to our family who completes our family bringing favorites to match like Vegeta, Nightwing.

When we aren’t playing family cosplay hour we like to help our local charity groups, Frolic around Orlando and Master our gaming skills. Being a nerd is great, but being able to nerd out as a family is even better!

Cosplay accomplishments: Tampa Bay Times news article x2 (convention article, cosplay life article) Word of the Nerd spotlight x3 (batgirl, green lantern) geek tyrant spotlight x2 ( robin, cyclops) Turbo Blue promotional, Blake Foster Cosplay Culture Magazine , family edition 2 page lumi-Con CFG 2019!

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Panel Time & Location: 

11:00 AM – Saturday- Panel Room 1 – Kids in cosplay 




Want to be a Central Florida Spotlight Cosplay Guest?

To be considered please submit the following:

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  2. Pictures of yourself in costume listing any awards or competitions you’ve won
  3. Any social media links you would like associated with your profile for reference
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Good Luck to all candidates and we look forward to working with you on your bright futures!