Central Florida Spotlight

Florida Central Spotlight

What is the Central Florida Spotlight?

We here at LUMI-CON believe that in our community exists an abundance of talented, skilled and hard-working individuals who are deserving of an opportunity to shine.

Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve been doing this for some time, either way we all look for a platform to get our names out there and share what we love to do and work so hard at.

Each year LUMI-CON will select local talent to take part in our new feature called the Central Florida Spotlight!

We will be starting with inviting Cosplay Guests in our first year!

As our event grows, we will open up submissions to highlight even more categories in the future such as Industry, Youtube, Musicians, and even Artists! It is our wish that, by giving you these opportunities as a first step, we can help you attain your goals and the recognition you deserve!