Central Florida Spotlight

Florida Central Spotlight


Interested in becoming a LUMI-CON Cosplay guest in our CFS division? But what the heck is CFS? Let us answer any questions about this feature only at LUMI-CON!

What is the Central Florida Spotlight division? 

The Central Florida Spotlight was created as a way to give individuals ranging from the Orlando to Sarasota area a chance to highlight their talents and start their careers off on the right foot!

At LUMI-CON believe in our community exists an abundance of talented, skilled and hard-working individuals who are deserving of an opportunity to shine.

Maybe you’re just starting out. Maybe you’ve been doing this for some time, either way we all look for a platform to get our names out there and share what we love to do and work so hard at.

Each year LUMI-CON will select local talent to take part in our new feature called the Central Florida Spotlight!

What categories are available in this Division? 

The Central Florida Spotlight is currently looking for Cosplayers, Artists, and Industry guests who want to make in impact in our community and stand out making a name for themselves. If you think you have what it takes in these categories then we want to hear from you!



This division is intended as an amateur entry level. We are looking for beginners in their crafts, performances types and talents. Any applicants that apply must not have been featured as a guest at any previous 3-day events. (Single day such as library, One shot conventions, and single appearance events are acceptable)

All applicants must be from or between the Orlando and Sarasota Central Florida area.

Cosplay Guidelines– Must create, design, make and build at least 80% of own cosplay and props.

Artists Guidelines– Must create, draw and craft own materials either physically or digitally.

Industry Guidelines– Must have recent content updates in media formats of Facebook, Youtube and twitch.


How do I enter to be a CFS guest?

To be considered please submit the following:

  1. An in depth bio about yourself and and your career to date
  2. Any pictures of yourself and your work we can use for reference
  3. All social media links you want connected to showcase work online

Please submit all info by July 1st, 2019 to Lumiconcostumecontest@gmail.com and earn a chance in the spotlight at LUMI-CON 2019!!

After the deadline has been reached we will announce the winner via social media and here on our website and the next Central Florida Spotlight Guest at LUMI-CON 2019!

Good Luck to all candidates and we look forward to working with you on your bright futures!

If you have any questions about our Central Florida Spotlight Division please contact us at Lumiconcostumecontests@gmail.com