Greatest COn show Announce

The great events just keep on coming! This year’s for Lumi-con, our Friday night fusion dance will combine the atmosphere of an anime circus and music from The Greatest Showman to keep you moving all night long! Our show is going all out this year and will include an anime cast to tell a tale that will move your imagination and warm your heart.

With live performances, Sing-a-long songs,  Interactive cast members and a night of singing for all, you’ll be living it up at the Greatest Con Show on earth!

To find out more info about our themed dance head on over to our MAIN EVENTS tab to find out more about this event! 



Are you looking to make your debut  at the hottest Halloween anime convention around? LUMI-CON is still accepting submissions for our Central Florida Spotlight, State and Florida cosplay divisions!

Show us why or someone you know should be in our spotlight and a guest at our event!

The deadline for entries is Monday, July 1st so head on over to our GUESTS section and see how you can be a guest at LUMI-CON 2019! 


Panels Submission Form

Lumi-Con 2019 Panel Submissions are now available online! Share your panel ideas with us and help fill our time slot with entertaining, educational and Informative Panels!

Deadline to have your Panels in is August 1st so don’t wait too long!

Head on over to our PANELS tab for more information and our submission form. 


Lady Pelvic

We’re proud to welcome back Pelvic Gaming to Lumicon2019 as a special Industry guest! With her years of experience streaming and reviewing the best video games out there, she’s made a name for herself in the Youtube community and climbing.

She’s soon to break over 12k subscribers and now is your chance to meet the sensation that’s breaking down barriers and winning our hearts!

To find out more about Pelvic Gaming  head on over to her page under our GUESTS section and then give her a follow on social media so you don’t miss a step of her adventure! 

Interactive Event – A Zodiac Banquet!

A Zodiac Banquet

Today is the day that the new Fruits Basket series is streaming on services such as Crunchyroll and Funimation! We could not think of a better day to announce the details of LUMI-CONs own Zodiac Banquet!

Whether you are a fan of the series during it’s initial release or just now getting into the story of Sohma house, this event is catered to bring you an experience no fan should miss out on!

So whether you want to attend or help bring this event to life head on over to our ZODIAC BANQUET Interactive page and get all the details for this one of a kind event!