LUMI-CON Gaming welcomes SEADS LAN!

Lumi gameroom title Complete

If we didn’t have enough planned already for a truly one of a kind gaming experience, Now LUMI-CON has invited SEADS LAN to join in on the fun and help fill our room to the brink of gaming overload!

Providing not only more consoles and reliable PC gaming solutions SEADS LAN is going above and beyond this year with Halloween decorations of their own and providing their services to get us all through our gaming weekend!

For more information on LUMI-CON GAMING and SEADS LAN head on over to our Gaming tab to find out more information! 



Final Character Release!

Character release Rd 8

All good things must come to an end, but will always lead to something new and exciting!

As we announce the last of the characters that will be used for our events, we hope that you will join us whether it be on our stage or in our audience!

LUMI-CON would like to thank everyone who has been following, sharing our posts and telling others about everything we have in store this year! We can’t put on amazing events like this without your support and we are thankful for each of you!

Video Submissions!

Online video submission form

Video submissions are now online!  

We all want to be part of the events and here’s your chance!

LUMI-CON understands that maybe it’s hard to get where you need to be or emergencies come up so we’re happy to offer this alternative for those that need it.

We look forward to seeing a lot of you out at the physical auditions held next week and all the online entries we receive.

Best of luck to all performers and we look forward to working with you in making our main events something we all can be proud of.




Rave Banner announce

Andrew Ryan was a man who would not settle for anything less than perfection. He spent his life building a utopia where the only limits were those of your own imagination.

Join us as we take you back to Rapture the night before it fell.

Where artists and elites came to play, where the inventive and eccentric shed their skins and became creatures of the night.

Come and experience the perfection that can only be known as the Rapture Rave!

Would you kindly see our Dances page for more info on the Rapture Rave.



Mini IWAI banner

With Spring leaving so quickly, and Fall so far away who has the cure for the Summertime blues?

Our friends over at ANIME IWAI do!

Mark your calendars because on July 29th Mini IWAI will take place and LUMI-CON will be there in full support!

*It’s only $5 at the door, or free if you Pre-register for their ANIME IWAI: ORBIT event in November!

We hope you’ll come out and join us all for a fun filled day heading into summer playing games, attending panels, watching costume contests and best of all supporting friends!

For more information on ANIME IWAI check out their website here:

CFS Cosplay Guest -Pixel Doll Cosplay

CFS Winner Pixel Doll Cosplay

We would like to congratulate Pixel Doll Cosplay in becoming our 2nd Central Florida Spotlight Cosplay Guest after winning our online poll!!

LUMI-CON is proud to extend this opportunity as she has exhibited not only her dedication to costume creation but also good sportsmanship and the heart of a true role model for our cosplay community!

Head on over to her guest page to read her bio, then follow her on social media as she keeps creating cosplays, performing and paving the road to LUMI-CON! 


Gaming Invitational banner

LUMI-CON is bringing you competitive gaming and hours of interactive media to our game room environment this year!

We’re also building a tournament structure to not only bring out the best in all of you but also build an exciting lucrative prize experience year after year!

Visit our LUMI-CON GAMING tab to see what we have so far, then check out our LUMI-CON INVITATIONAL to see what games will be a part of this years event!