Welcome future LUMI-CON 2018 Artists!

If you are visiting this section then you’re interested in partnering with us to sell some of your merchandise/art/accessories at our event.

Below is a map of our Artist Foyer vending area where we have listed tables that are available for purchase. These tables are on first come first serve basis so once they are gone all we can do is add you to our reserve list in case of cancellation.

Click our registration button to secure your place at LUMI-CON 2018 today!

 Artists block Sold out

All Artist tables have been sold at this time! Make sure to visit our Exhibitors main page to see all those that will be joining us!

Thank you to all the amazing artists and we can’t wait to work with you at LUMI-CON!

Thank you for taking interest in being a LUMI-CON Artist! After purchase has been made Artist coordinator will send confirmation via e-mail.

For any questions about booths please contact LUMI-CON ARTIST HEAD