AMV Award Show Rules




Categories for Nomination:

~Best Drama~     ~Best In Show~     

~Best Action~     ~Best Comedy~   

General Rules

  • While it may be titled an “AMV Contest”, we accept and strongly encourage original film projects and animations.  These will be judged in their own categories and on their own merits, rather than competing against anime music videos.
  • All videos you submit must be your own creation.  You may not submit videos “on behalf of a friend”, or modifications of another creator’s video.
  • The final deadline for video submissions is 10/4/2019.  It must be sent in an acceptable format and comply with all general and technical rules by this time.  We will not judge unfinished videos.
  • Please do not submit videos older than one year by the time of the LUMI-CON submission deadline.  This means no videos that premiered publicly (at a contest or online) prior to 10/05/2018.
  • While editor/studio bumpers are allowed, we prefer videos to be free of bumpers, credits, and watermarks in order to preserve a cleaner, more professional presentation.  If you would like to submit two versions of your video (one with bumpers for exposition in the video room, and one without for the award presentation), we would be happy to work with you!  Please refrain from any bumpers that are especially loud or long (exceeding 15sec).
  • Please try to limit your video submissions to a PG-13 rating.  While you are allowed to submit videos rated R or higher, and they will be considered for awards, please understand that they may not be shown in the award presentation or a daytime expo viewing.
  • Multi-editor protects are accepted, but may only be given a single award to be shared among the group.  Likewise, due to limited seating, only two members of large groups may receive priority seating for accepting rewards at the award presenting.


Technical Rules

  • Our ideal video format is MPEG-4 (MP4 wrapper), encoded in AVC (h.264).  Any videos received in other formats (MOV, WMV, ASF, Shockwave, Silverlight, etc) may not be viewable, and our attempts to convert them to MP4 may produce suboptimal results if they’re able to be converted at all.  For optimal viewing, we strongly suggest you produce your submission in MP4 format or convert it yourself before sending it to us so that you’re happy with the final product as it will be viewed at LUMI-CON.
  • For optimal viewing, you may wish to include one second of black video without audio in front of and behind your AMV, to ensure nothing is cut off during the presentation.
  • Please view your own final video copy in VLC Media Player before submitting, to check for any sync issues or compression flaws.  VLC is available for Windows and Mac.
  • We prefer video in 720p resolution, though 1080p and 480p are also accepted.  Please avoid interlaced resolutions. If you’re unsure what resolution to use, it’s generally best to stick with the resolution of your original source material.
  • For frame rates, we accept 23.976 (preferred), 24, 25, 29.97 (preferred), and 30. It is always best to use the frame rate of the original source material.  Videos submitted in 60 or 120 frames-per-second will not see any increased quality in viewing due to the limitations of our projector hardware and may experience “choppy” playback.


AMV-Specific Rules

  • Your video must consist of at least 75% animation in “anime” style (animation from Japan, or western animation that mimics anime style, such as Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Animatrix, RWBY, etc), or footage from a Japanese video game.  For example, you can submit a Princess Mononoke AMV but not a Frozen AMV, and you can submit a Final Fantasy XV music video but not a Call Of Duty music video.
  • Videos must not exceed 8 minutes.
  • You may submit up to 3 AMVs.
  • Please do not use footage with subtitles.  
  • Please do not submit footage with watermarks (DivX watermarks, Funimation watermarks, Adult Swim watermarks, etc).  In addition to being distracting, it suggests that the video may have been ripped or copied from an inappropriate/illegal source, rather than pulled directly from DVDs you own.
  • Please do not include any bumpers, logos, or rating screens that suggest your video was in any way approved by a real company with real lawyers.  Parodies are fine, but you can’t use an actual Paramount Studios header on your AMV.


Fan Film & Animation Rules

  • Your video must consist of primarily original content, created by you (“you” also refers to your group, as the case may be).  This means original footage filmed by you, original animation created by you, and/or machinima animated by you. While machinima using Japanese source material is strongly encouraged, it is not mandatory.
  • Videos must not exceed 20 minutes.  Videos exceeding 8 minutes will most likely not be shown in their entirety during any award ceremonies, but are still eligible to win, and will be screened during a separate event.
  • You may submit up to 3 fan films and/or animations.
  • Please do not add any bumpers, watermarks, or logos that suggest your production is associated with any professional production company (Disney, Universal, etc), or any rating screens that suggest your video has been screened and rated by the Motion Picture Association of America or any other official group.


Submission Rules & Instruction

  • You will need to complete one submission form for each video you submit.  Please fill it out in its entirety (yes, each time!), as it helps us keep files and information organized.
  • Creators must Preregister for a weekend pass to LUMI-CON 2019 to enter the contest (PURCHASE LUMI-CON TICKETS HERE)
  • Your submission form will require you to provide a link to download your video.  You may upload your video to a file sharing service (such as SendSpace) or online storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, etc).  If you’re using online storage, please ensure that the file is marked “shared” or “public” so that we can view the link. You may also submit your video using, as long as your video is available for local download.  We cannot accept video submissions in the form of any ‘streaming’ services, including YouTube.

Click banner image to be taken to our 2019 online submission form

AMV Submission form 2019

While we will make every reasonable attempt to screen and present every video submission at LUMI-CON, please understand that we may not be able to screen all videos due to time constraints and/or failure to comply with the presented rules.  

LUMI-CON reserves the right to withhold any video from competition or screening for any reason. If you have a question, concerns, or special request, please email us at as early as possible to give time to address any issues.