After Hour Affairs (18+ Event)


AHA Announce banner


Since its creation in 2012 After Hour Affairs (Or AHA for short) has been giving audiences something to talk, laugh and lose their minds about!

By fusing today’s fandoms, original storylines, and the hottest tracks, AHA brings an electrifying performance of fanservice that has to be seen to believed!

This year AHA will revisit one it’s most memorable themes with Catherine: New Game +!

 You won’t know where your dreams end and your reality begins.

But we’re not just revisiting the Atlus theme and delivering the same story over, we believe our fans deserve a fresh new tale each and every time!

So if you missed out the first time don’t make the same mistake and join us at LUMI-CONs 2018 Main event before the doors close!

Bring your ID’s as we will be checking ID’s for this 18+ Event!

Then prepare yourself, because as the doors close the lights will come on and the clothes will come off!

As After Hour Affairs presents Catherine: New Game +!