What is LUMI-CON? 

LUMI-CON is a brand new Halloween themed Anime convention hosted in the Tampa Bay area by an exciting new team of fans who want to bring you the best our community has to offer!
Blastin off in its own direction, LUMI-CON is a convention with a purpose bringing a lot to the table in its first year!

LUMI-CON will host convention fan-favorite aspects such as a Vendors room filled with a variety of merchandise, informational and informative fan made panels, an AMV Awards ceremony for editors, An electrifying game room experience with tournaments, A Talented Artist Block, A Table Top and card game room and a Cosplay contest with a generous cash prize!

But that’s only the tip of the iceberg…

No convention is complete without bringing in a few special guests!

Since LUMI-CON is a brand new event we’re going to bringing out some fresh new faces and their voices to greet, sign autographs and host some panels during your time with us!

(Special Guests to be announced! But it’s not too late to tell us who you want to see! Let us know!)

Just because LUMI-CON is a new event it doesn’t mean our staff is, with 15 years in the business they bring a lot of leadership, performance talent and some amazing events with them!

These events have been crafted and created with you in mind and each will bring its own feel to the convention making sure you will want to come back year after year to be a part of their magic!

We hope that you will join us as we grow yearly and bring you a quality convention experience we feel you deserve!

Thank you for supporting this LUMI-CON 2018 convention experience and for being an amazing community!

~ LUMI-CON Staff