Dear LUMI-CON guests,

It is at this time with a heavy heart we must officially announce that we will not be continuing forward with our LUMI-CON event.

After many months of consideration and weighing the options at hand our staff fully believes it is in the best interest to close our doors at this time. With a nationwide pandemic slowly easing but not stopping there is still too great a risk to hold a smaller event such as our own and keeping everyone safe while within our care has always been a priority we will never negotiate with. Rather than rollover or keep pushing off the event till things get better we have decided at this time that too much time, energy as well as money is being wasted simply waiting for a day that may not be in our near future.

We have greatly appreciated all the support and words of encouragement given to us and we can not tell you how amazing it has been hosting an event for you in the past as we all grew together. This was not an easy choice to make although we hope it is one you will understand in the greater picture of things.

Thank you for bringing a special light to our event and gracing us with your smiles, laughter and creativity.

Thank you for believing in what we looked to achieve and build with you.

Thank you for making LUMI-CON the success it was and the memories you helped us create in all our media we look back fondly on.

Thank you for giving us an opportunity to do what we to do by entertaining you every hour of every day you were with us, but more than anything we thank you for giving us a chance by simply walking through our halls, supporting us by being there and sharing in our little light on the edge of a big galaxy.

In the future we hope to see you around the other amazing and eventful conventions through out the Florida convention scene and we wish you all the best on your adventures, journeys and lives.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, as always never stop shining,


REFUNDS: If you purchased a space as a vendor in 2020 or Passes to the event we will be putting up information shortly to gather your updated information for our refunds procedure and help get this expedited.  Please stay tuned.

We ask that you do bare with us as we gather this information and contact all individuals entitled to a refund and not miss anyone. Thank you for patience and understanding.      

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at Lumiconreg@gmail.com