Dear Lumi-con fans,

As stated in our COVID-19 Health & Safety section, we looked to make a final announcement on the convention status no later than August, 2020.

At this time we feel we are able to make that call and do so with everyone’s best interest at heart. This was no easy decision as we looked forward to our 3rd year being something you could look forward to as many events within the state have had to postpone or cancel.

LUMI-CON now looks to also do it’s part and what we believe is right thing at this time to protect our staff, attendees, guests, exhibitors and our community as a whole.

We do look forward to coming back next year and hope you will join us next Halloween, we had many great plans for this years event and we will use this time to improve further on those plans to bring you an experience you truly deserve.

Thank you all for the amazing support you have given us through this year and also the patience in bringing you this information as it has unfolded.

We wish everyone a safe & healthy 2020, and hope you and your family’s will join us for LUMI-CONS return October 29th – 31st 2021 at the Sheraton Tampa Brandon!


If you have purchased a pass, booth or hotel room for our event please read the information in below.



At this time we have created a simple form to streamline information and take care of everyone as quickly as possible. Please fill out our form at the bottom of this post or side bar on the front page of our website before September 1st, 2020.

(Please allow us a few weeks to process any refunds)

If you participated in our Pass Protection Program your order will automatically be refunded and you don’t need to do anything.

Promotional & Complimentary passes:

Any passes issued through special promotions or Complimentary passes through contests will be honored for 2021.

(Pass per night promotional tickets are excluded)

EXHIBITORS TABLES: (Vendor room and Foyers)

Vendors and Artists may rollover their space and table fees locking in for 2021 or request a full refund releasing your table space in which you must reapply next year. (Please fill out our rollover or refund form by September 1st, 2020)


Any guests who have booked a stay with the Sheraton Tampa Brandon have been instructed by the hotel to call the hotel service line directly to cancel their reservations for this years event. Please be patient with them as their staff is going through a difficult time also and they are doing the best they can.


At this time we ask that all panelists who have submitted info to re-apply in 2021.

~Special Events & Guest Info~

If you’ve applied for any of our programming or have guest spots for LUMI-CON 2020 we will be contacting you directly regarding 2021 appearances and performances.

For any other questions please drop us a message at