Virtual Artist Alley!

Virtual Artist Alley IMAGE

It’s no secret that LUMI-CON supports and cares about all it’s talented exhibitors each year they join us but in these recent times they and others like them have felt the impact of this current pandemic and every little bit of support counts right now!

Soon you will see a lot of updates about those attending our event in October who are looking forward to seeing you, but recently we were also given the heads up on this wonderful Facebook group that has been put together helping artists across the country in hopes to bridge the gap and help them out as well!

Click on the VIRTUAL ARTIST ALLEY image to the right to see what wonderful items these artists are creating and sharing with you today! Support your local and now nationwide artists so they can make it back on their feet and get to their next events safely!

Stay tuned as LUMI-CON will be adding a Covid-19 update page about changes we’re making to make your 2020 convention season safer, easier and a little bit brighter!