ConQuest Interactive Events!

Conquest Interactive Events

ConQuest Interactive Events! 

Last year ConQuest was the talk of con with their interactive style of events!

They have come back to LUMI-CON with some fresh new games and can’t wait to entertain you and your friends!

Pork Nationals 2019! Join ConQuest for the new and over the top Pork Nationals 2019! You haven’t heard what Pork Nationals is? Come and join in as everyone can play in this no holds barred fight to the death as we pit the best of the best against one another in the search for the LUMI-CON Pork Nationals Champion of 2019!

The FFXIV fashion report! – The interactive scavenger hunt that was featured in last years hallway, this time bigger and better than ever! Join your friends in this weekend long all event and find all the cons latest fashions posted to win a prize!

Super Hallway RPG is back! Ad this time the team has adapted to the world of FF Tactics, roll the dice, fight with the monsters and save your friends in this turned based RPG adaption!

ConQuest Interactive,  where you become the player!

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