Musical Guest – SPF


Are you hype for LUMI-CON yet? No?

Then let SPF take you there and on a journey beyond with their nerdcore style rap based off the latest games, memes, anime, and cartoons!

This group of firestarters is an indie nerdcore hip-hop group with musical sights set upon nostalgic entertainment and equipped puns into one accord. Based out of Tampa, Florida, SPF includes Philonius Phunk, LX, Terrible Toad King, SirenSeraph, and SwagSwitcha. Occasionally accompanied by DJ TheWalleh, they deliver rhymes and beats inspired by comics, anime, and video games intertwined with witty punch lines. Symphonic Pheenix Force brings ecstatic energy to the stage and gives an outrageous atmosphere to the crowd.  

This year SPF will be opening up for our Anime concert and setting our stage ablaze for  KOHEI!

For more information on SPF or to follow them on social media head on over to their tab in our Industry guests section!