LUMI-CON Photo Op Area!

Ike photography Announce banner

Ever go to an event and then get home realizing you didn’t get any shots of your cosplay or find any pictures with friends you’ve made!?


That’s why LUMI-CON and JOKESONIKE Photography are teaming up to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

All weekend long JOKESONIKE Photography will be setting up a special photo op area for all LUMI-CON guests in our Vendors room!

That’s right! Come on by and get a few high-quality shots of all your hard work and memories with friends as JOKESONIKE Photography will capture them for you at *NO CHARGE!

After the event, we’ll host them on our website and you can view the gallery to find yours!

Never worry again about not having something to show for being part of the convention!

*There is no additional charge for this Photo Op area to LUMI-CON pass holders and if you would like to order prints you may do so! To see more on JOKESONIKE Photography check out their tab on our Industry guest page!