Lumi is born!


Thank you for joining us for the first year of LUMI-CON 2018!

Our convention team is excited to bring you a new Halloween themed Anime convention to the Tampa Bay area!

We also are dedicated to making sure that the time you spend with us in the future is as memorable as possible. When we started this convention we had a goal in mind, to create a fun family oriented convention environment for children of all ages!

Our staff has been selected to ensure we can be helpful and informative, our events crafted to entertain and include you,  Dealers and artists added for all your shopping needs, A table top room to begin new adventures, Informative, educational and entertaining Panels run by fans like you sharing their fandoms, and a game room filled with some of the hottest titles and tournaments to compete in!

But that’s only a small list of what LUMI-CON has in store for you! Join us on all our social media outlets and here on our website in the next few months as we will be pumping out content to show you why LUMI-CON should be your convention destination of 2018!


Lumi blank


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