OAA 2019 Cover

LUMI-CONS Skit contest the ONE ACT ANIME did not disappoint in it’s first run!

We set the stage, sent out the invitations and then watched them perform some amazing pieces!

In the end only one would walk away the 2018 One Act Anime Champions!

Do you have what it takes this year to overthrow the current champions?

Find out how to enter by heading over to our ONE ACT ANIME PAGE and then check out the video on our CHAMPIONS PAGE with Tom & Chris performing “ The Golden Side”!


Haunted Hallway Banner 2019

There are all sorts of creatures that go bump in the night and we want to see them all!

Everyone is welcome to cross our lens as we host our Haunted Halloween Costume contest!

Enter this relaxed, fun and all inclusive Hallway costume contest as we look to find 3 ghouls in particular:

The Most “Spirit”ed –The award for the cosplayer who best fits the spirit of Halloween

The Most Kawaii – The cutest Halloween-inspired cosplay!

The Most Kowaii– The scariest Halloween-inspired cosplay!

Head on over to our CONTESTS page to see how to enter and the winners of last years event! 

Interactive Event – Sweet Tooth Maid Cafe

Lumicon sweet tooth banner 2019-2 half size

That’s right, the Sweet Tooth Maid cafe returns to LUMI-CON 2019!

Since 2016 this team has been bringing some of the cutest maids and handsome butlers to serve you in style during your time with them!

So stop by for the dancing, stay for the interaction and indulge in the sweet treat all weekend long that is the Sweet Tooth Cafe!

Head on over to our INTERACTIVE PAGE to check out show times, advanced ticket purchases and Information coming on our brand new night event the Sweet Tooth Pajama Party!

Best In Show Guest – Moira Yume Cosplay

Moira Yume BIS Final

LUMI-CON welcomes Moira Yume Cosplay to our event!

At 17 Moira found her passion in cosplaying and has used her talents to create works of art she can wear! Her talents recently paved her way to not only becoming our next Best In Show Guest, but also winning the grand prize of $1,500!

Meet Moira Yume at this years event as she will host panels, talk about her love of cosplay and help judge at this years Cosplay Carnivale!

Head on over to her guest page to find out more about Moira Yume Cosplay and then follow her on Instagram!



MY RAVER ACADEMIA! is coming to life as DJ ARSINAL returns to the stage with some amazing tracks to power you up through the night!

Come dance and dress the part as we’ll have a look-a-like costume contest for the best Heroes and Villains represented, as well as our search for our very own unique Academia Rave hero!

What are you waiting for? Save yourself from the boredom and join us Saturday night at LUMI-CON 2019!

Head on over to our MAIN EVENTS tab to see more on this themed dance!