Movie Meet ups and more!

My Hero Academia: Two Heroes! Meet up!


Do you live in the Tampa Bay area?

Do you like Movies?

Do you like My Hero Academia?

Then head on over to our Final Fantasy Picnic and Cosplay Gathering page to join the discussion as we lock our eyes on the up and coming adventures of the students of UA!

We’ll pick a theater that’s showing it, set a date that works for everyone and then head to the movies to cheer on our heroes and scream PLUS ULTRA so loud the other theaters will shake!

Florida Cosplay Guest – IT’S MUR!

Announcment FCG Mur 2

LUMI-CON is proud to announce an extremely talented individual as our very first Florida Cosplay Guest!

This cosplayer has poured their dedication into their craft behind the scenes as well as fight the good fight on the forefront. They have been a driving force in our community for inclusiveness and diversity, and honestly believes that Cosplay Is for Everyone!

It’s MUR!

Head on over to our Florida Guests tab to find out more about MUR and then follow them on social media!

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game Tournament!


This ain’t your dad’s triple triad card game!

LUMI-CON and The Final Fantasy Ball are excited to bring you a friendly tournament for the  Final Fantasy Trading card game!

You could even win some prizes to use at the event itself!

Gather your decks, select your cards, plan your strategies and pray to Minerva that your cards will be drawn!

To see official rules head on over to our FFTCG Tournament page! 

Join Safety & Volunteers today!

Announcment Volunteers Final

Volunteer on our team and help make things safer and informative!

LUMI-CON is looking for brave individuals to not only fill helpful positions but to also protect attendees from what goes bump in the night!

These training positions not only allow an opportunity for day pass and weekend reimbursement but also a chance to be promoted to LUMI-CON staff!

So if you like to help out at events, guide your fellow attendees to safety and help us fight hordes of unanswered questions we would love to hear from you so sign up today!

Head on over to our Safety & Volunteers to find out what you can do for LUMI-CON and what LUMI-CON can do for you! 

One Act Anime Submission is Live!

OAA Sign up form

One Act Anime Sign Ups are now Live! 

Are you sitting on a hidden talent ready to be unleashed?

Are ready to take to the stage and show an audience why you deserve to shine?

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! With only a handful of spots available it’s time to take your place among the stars and give us everything you’ve got!

Head on over to our One Act Anime Contest page to check up on all the rules, then submit your application to create a moment that will last forever! 



RCW AFO banner

Anime  Festival Orlando is this weekend and we would like to wish all those attending a fantastic and safe weekend!

Make sure to stop by the Special events room at 10:30pm to catch the entertaining Retro City Warfare as they body slam, dragon punch and suplex their way to the Valor combat championship!

Then stay tuned as they will be revealing a special Suprise for LUMI-CON during the show! If you’ve never been a part of a live RCW crowd you won’t want to miss this!

AMV Submissions are live!


The AMV Submission form has gone live!

As we roll out the red carpet and welcome you into our event, we look forward to every song choice, every effect and sentimental detail you craft within your submission pieces.

Capture the attention of our audience while introducing them to new titles they may not be aware of yet and share the magic and beauty of the source material you choose.

Please read all the rules and guidelines in order to submit your videos today and win category awards in October!

We look forward to seeing all your creativity and passion as editors as well as wish every contestant the best of luck with each entry!

For more info on the AMV AWARDS SHOW please visit our contests Tab!