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*Lumi-con 2019 T-shirt*
*FFB admission & Collectors badge*
*Tournament Fees waived*
*Daily Pizza Party*
*Main events priority seating*
and our latest feature for those 21+
*Complimentary drinks during After hour Affairs!*

Why are you waiting? Become a LUMI-CON VIP today!

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Meet up & Post Party!


Pre post party

Are you looking to make new friends over the weekend but don’t know how?

Have you Pre-registered with a LUMI-CON pass?

If you answered “YES” to both these questions, then read on as we’re bringing you new features based off your feedback!

LUMI-CON Will be hosting a Pre-reg meet for those who have their passes from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM so you can stop by early and spend a little time with us and meet others like you!

After picking up your badge in our registration room we’ll meet up and take a tour around the facility to spend some time talking with you, introducing some of our staff and showing you everything we have to offer over the con weekend!

Make the most of this convention experience connect with others and have a great weekend starting Thursday!

But that’s not all!

Following closing ceremonies, we want to shake the foundation of the Sheraton one last time!

After the tears have been shed, and thank you’s have been given all around it’s time to dance away the last of our energy and head into the Afterlife…The Afterlife After Party!

As we spend our final moments together lets send our spirits ahead in preparation for next years, with lights, music and best of all new friends!

Volunteers and Safety!

Announcment Volunteers

Want to help our quickly growing Halloween event and earn a pass for the weekend while you do?

Then fill out our safety and volunteer application as we have lots of places where you can help the Lumi team around every corner of the event!

For just a few hours a day enjoy an entire weekend of fun! If you’ve submitted an application watch those emails as we will be responding soon!

Head on over to our JOIN TEAM LUMI page to find out more details on how you can take advantage of our volunteer system! 

2019 Program Guide

Program schedule

What’s happening at LUMI-CON this year? A LOT!

Our 2019 Programming Quick guide and Panel Schedules are now online!

Start planing your weekend early with all the content we have in store just for you!

Head on over to our Program Guide section to see why LUMI-CON will be the place to be this October!

Out of State Cosplay Guest! Mandycake Cosplay!

State MC Announce

Coming all the way from the great state of NEW JERSEY, LUMI-CON is excited to welcome MANDYCAKE COSPLAY!

As a cosplay warrior who has fun creating new armor, Mandycake is always looking for the next challenge and loves what she does.

She can be serious at what she does but she’ll also make you laugh to show you that cosplay is all about having a good time!

For more info on Mandycake Cosplay head on over to our COSPLAY GUESTS section to see more on this amazing cosplayer! 

ConQuest Interactive Events!

Conquest Interactive Events

ConQuest Interactive Events! 

Last year ConQuest was the talk of con with their interactive style of events!

They have come back to LUMI-CON with some fresh new games and can’t wait to entertain you and your friends!

Pork Nationals 2019! Join ConQuest for the new and over the top Pork Nationals 2019! You haven’t heard what Pork Nationals is? Come and join in as everyone can play in this no holds barred fight to the death as we pit the best of the best against one another in the search for the LUMI-CON Pork Nationals Champion of 2019!

The FFXIV fashion report! – The interactive scavenger hunt that was featured in last years hallway, this time bigger and better than ever! Join your friends in this weekend long all event and find all the cons latest fashions posted to win a prize!

Super Hallway RPG is back! Ad this time the team has adapted to the world of FF Tactics, roll the dice, fight with the monsters and save your friends in this turned based RPG adaption!

ConQuest Interactive,  where you become the player!

Head on over to our INTERACTIVE EVENTS to see more on ConQuest Interactive! 

Group rate closing!

Rate Ending soon


Our LUMI-CON Group rate of $114 a night comes to an end September 23rd and our second block looks to be just about gone! 😱

Before room prices increase act now to lock in our special rate and have more money at the con!

Head on over to our HOTEL PAGE to use our link or call in today!